Arlington Public Schools (APS) has a reputation for academic excellence but wasteful spending. For example, Arlington County pays $5,000 more per student than Fairfax County to deliver the same quality of education. Yet 80 percent of APS’ operating budget comes from local taxes, much more than neighboring school districts. So Arlington taxpayers are fronting the bill.

Weighing the need to deliver a quality education with the cost of providing it requires someone on the School Board with the interest of both our children and taxpayers at heart. If elected I pledge to:

  • Promote the same high academic standards that have resulted in Arlington’s high on-time graduation rates and low drop out rates.
  • Emphasize remedial education programs for disadvantaged and handicapped youth.
  • Reduce APS bloated operating budget by reducing administrative overhead.
  • Reduce APS’ capital spending program and preserve green space by building up not out with modular design.

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